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– Hip Hop ist der geilste Räpp!

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Hand made Tote Bag /
Handgemacht Kindertasche

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Diamanth Refreshed

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The first Version, 2011

Diamanth T-Shirts

Papier Caféat Kunsthochschule Kassel


Dear Song Ping Pong, kindly excuse the delay.

Ping Safari!
& Pong Skott!

Number 3 and 4 still available
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Kunstkabinett 451

Sankt Rainer Fotostream auf Flickr.
BARCELONA Letteringfrom my GIFfor Show us your type at OFFF 
on and Society6
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L’Origine delle Caccole e la loro diffusione
© 2010, René BarthAccademia di belle arti Bologna
Caccole on ISSUU
… oldie but …Bartspektrum auf ISSUU
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New Diamanth Letteringon Spreadshirt

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… Diamanth 2011
diamanth »A«on Society6
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… Diamanth 2011

My GIF at the OFFF Festival in Barcelona 2014

Photos by Neue Showusyourtype